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Our proficiency in creating youth centric events around a variety of social media channels makes us an authority in offering your brand an additional edge. We power your brand to become the sign of youth.


Early adopters are the people who can assist influence peers and can turn a social media channel into a thriving society. On the other hand social media communities thrive on energy around a channel. Without a grand message you cannot spin even millions of supporters on social media to go round up at your site. This is why you have to make an exclusive message each day while you are communicating with the audience that gets bored simply. Diverting more and more traffic from a good social media channel is not hard but necessitates understanding what makes wonderful communities tick as well as creating campaigns accordingly.

An entire array of activities can be engineered around your brand so that the client is compelled to hit the link to your website and impulsively take a buying decision. An integrated communication can assist multiply social media visitors and divert them to your website. Interactive Bees, the leading social media marketing company creates many campaigns for age precise, demography precise as well as subject based multiple events that can formulate attractive pull towards your website.

We stretch your every message by the use of word of mouth as well as make a convincing proposition. Our proven metrics can assist you maximize returns from a campaign. Interactive Bees, the social media marketing corporation in India deliver results with measurable like increased traffic and click through rates offering you complete control of the metrics. The SMM services in India are thoughtfully designed as per the business specific verticals maintaining strict control on tonality to keep identical language across various advertising channels.

Social Consultancy

We will assist to develop a social strategy with you based upon your end goals. You may previously have in house marketing teams who just necessitate guidance, or you may require us to assist build your social presence from scratch. We will assist to locate the most excellent approach.

Brand Management

Finding & securing the suitable usernames & profiles across the channels. Your brand is clearly very significant and so our social team will for all time be on hand to assist to turn potential client problems into praise.

Social Tone & Nature

The methods in which businesses can make use of social media differ massively. We will be there to assist to find the right tone of voice and style for you, making certain that your business is portrayed exactly h

Reporting & Analysis

We love data and our social media reporting will assist to recognize and notify future activity not only in your social circles but across all your marketing channels


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